A four-week virtual book club facilitated by the author. Encouraging discussion and exploration of the chosen book, authors will guide participants through the reading journey from week to week.

Great for reluctant readers, voracious readers and every reader in between, booked chats will serve as an in-depth reading journey for all students. Authors will explore many aspects of the book including plot, character development, setting, obstacles and achievements in the writing process, and more! The students will contribute to the conversations letting their reactions to the book navigate the discussion.

Transform your student’s reading experience with a booked chat.

Virtual booked chats are available for private and school groups.

Private groups require a minimum of 5 and up to maximum of 10 pre-grouped participants. School booked chats are available for groups up to 30 students each. Pricing and availability upon request.

Books appropriate for ages 7-9.

Books appropriate for ages 10 and up. 

Books recommended for high school.

Writing Workshop Sessions.