Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman has visited thousands of schools, so he must be doing something right. Since the pandemic began, Dan has been all-vitual. Depending on the grade level, each session consists of…

–A brief introduction about how I was a reluctant reader as a child.
–For grades 2 and 3, I explain how I got the idea for the My Weird School series, and how I write the books.
–For grades 4-6, I do the same with whichever one of my books or series your students are most familiar with (My Weird School/The Genius Files/Houdini and Me/baseball card adventures/Flashback Four).
–For everybody, I read a chapter of the upcoming My Weird School book before it has been published.
–For everybody, I demonstrate how kids can write a story on their own, in 9 simple steps.
–For everybody, I show my rejection letters and tell the kids they should NEVER GIVE UP.
–All that takes about 30 minutes. Then I finish up with 10-15 minutes of Q and A.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

A few of Dan’s books