Marc Tyler Nobleman

“In my almost three decades of teaching, I have heard a wide variety of internationally known authors, many of them award recipients. Marc was easily the most engaging and inspiring presenter I have ever heard. He held the rapt attention of the entire auditoriumstudents and staff alike. He is such a gift!”
—Adrienne DeMichele, Taipei American School, Taiwan

Marc’s multidisciplinary presentation is a jaw-dropping epic revealing secrets uncovered and mysteries solved while researching nonfiction picture books on the creators of Superman and Batman—riveting even for those who couldn’t care less about superheroes.

The Batman book changed history, inspiring the twist-filled Hulu documentary “Batman & Bill.”

The interactive story emphasizes persisting, challenging injustice, and advocating for oneself and others.

It motivates even the most reluctant students to read and embrace the adventure of research.

It includes an irresistible analogy that teachers regularly incorporate into their classroom lessons.

It has elicited raves (and sometimes tears) from students and teachers in 30+ states and almost 20 countries.

And it’s funny, too.

“My principal and almost every teacher said this was the best assembly they have ever attended. Educational value? 5 out of 5 stars. Entertainment value? 5 out of 5 stars. Marc’s amazing story kept an entire room of students and teachers enthralled for an hour with no special effects or tricks.”

—Jamie Harris, librarian, Smalley Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

A few of Marc’s books