Roni Schotter

Award-winning author of 30 books (with two new ones on their way), Roni Schotter communicates her passion for the power and pleasure of words and story. Whether by In-Person or Virtual Visits, Roni speaks to children as “fellow writers,” encouraging them to turn their ideas, events & feelings into their own nonfiction or fiction.

With grades 2-5, she includes writing tips (useful for both fiction & nonfiction writing) from her book, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS ON 90TH STREET (Scholastic), used in many schools to inspire writing. She links in her other grade-appropriate books, showing how she used the writing techniques described in 90TH STREET to write them. With older grades, she can add her chapter book, F IS FOR FREEDOM–about the Underground Railroad and the power of literacy–to discuss the need & pleasure of doing research to tell certain stories. A former editor, she shows the entire writing process—starting with messy notebooks & numerous drafts—her “sloppy copy”–emphasizing the importance & pleasure of rewriting! Her aim is to inspire and empower children—to convince them that anyone who chooses to—can write well. A well-known book of hers, THE BOY WHO LOVED WORDS (Random House), used in a wide span of grades, encourages children to savor, collect, and use newly-discovered words.

With younger grades, she will focus on her new book Dragon Dreams (available in late January, 2025) and on Go, Little Green Truck, speaking simply & directly about the magic of books and story, suggesting they ask, “what if?” to trigger their imaginations. If relevant, her National Jewish Book Award-winning title: HANUKKAH! plus their companion books: PASSOVER MAGIC and PURIM PLAY are great for younger children (PURIM PLAY also works for grades 2-5). She tells the youngest of children how she came to imagine each story & encourages them to use their imagination to come up with their own stories and then–-to draw or dictate or write those stories!

Roni prefers, if possible, to speak to children in smaller groups, in a non-assembly fashion—because she does an interactive presentation and wants the children to see her as a fellow writer–just like them–only grown up now, and still writing! (In other words, NOT a distant celebrity on a stage.)

A few of Roni’s books